How to get serious traffic to your site

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Get To The FrontPage Of Google!

1,000+ Unique Articles On Thousands Of Directories!

Opening Comments

First, let us say that if you are currently buying article submissions, you are probably wasting your money. It’s simple: Google’s duplicate content filter will see the same title and article body across hundreds of directories- and discredit your backlinks!

To get around this issue, you need to have unique content. You could spend days writing hundreds of unique articles, and still more days submitting them to hundreds of article directories. If this doesn’t sound like fun- We have a solution!

We have a very small team of people who work together to get massive backlinks for customers. The first stage is content creation; a professional journalist will create a 450-550+ worded article, and optimize it with the desired keywords. Next, we spin it into over 1,000 unique articles!

The spinning process essentially takes multiple copies of the article and changes the content around, creating well over a thousand unique articles for you! A unique version of the article will be submitted to every directory in your niche and to general article directories.

The next stage is to input the resource box information. In the resource box we can put up to two links at any time- but don’t worry if you want to target many links! We can “rotate” the links to ensure any amount of URLs get seen in article directories at random- it’s up to you!

Finally, we have the directory submission process. You can choose to have us submit to a specified amount of directories each day, OR, we can submit to as many directories as possible- either way, this process can easily take about 72 hours- perhaps more depending on the circumstances.

So to wrap it up, this is the plan:

  • Professional Content Creation/Optimization: 48 Hours
  • Submission To Article Directories: 72+ Hours
  • First Sight Of Backlinks In Google: ~48 hours After Submission
  • Noticeable Benefit In SE Traffic: ~ 1-2 weeks After Submission
  • Full Benefit From My Method: ~ 1-3 months After Submission

To best cater to everyone’s needs, We have divided my plans into three distinct categories: based on what you want to spend and how much benefit you want from backlinks!

Our Backlink Building Plans

Option 1: You Write The Article, We Spin it and Send It To 1,000+ Directories

What you get:
+ Cheapest Plan- Saves You Money
+ Submission To Over 1,000 Directories
+ Two URLs in the Resource Box

What You’re Missing:
+ Turnaround Time Is Longer Because The Article Must Pass Our Quality Standards
+ ONLY Two URLs In The Resource Box- Less Benefit For Multiple Pages
+ Professional-Quality Optimization From Our Team
+ Less Backlinks Due To Lack Of Press Release Options
+ No Special Authority Backlinks From Press Release Resources

Cost: $75

Option 2: We Write and Optimize The Content

What You Get:
+ “Medium” Price: More Expensive, But Better Backlink Building Options
+ Up to Three URLs in Resource Box (Rotated)
+ Leave the Hassle Of Content Creation To Us!
+ We Keyword Optimize Articles FREE

What You’re Missing:
+ No Special Authority Backlinks From Press Release Sites
+ Less Backlinks As A Result From No Press Release Option
+ ONLY up to Three URLs in Resource Box

Cost: $95

Option 3: Everything Option 2 Offers Plus A Press Release And Further Benefit

What You Get:
+ Everything In Option 2
+ 1-6 URLs in Resource Box (Rotated)
+ Professional Press Release Creation- More Backlinks!
+ More Authority Backlinks- Weighted For Better SEO!
+ More Targeted Traffic

What You Don’t Get:
+ This is our most expensive plan- you get everything needed for backlink creation, great SEO, and you get higher quality backlinks from Press Releases!

Cost: $175

All orders take 7-12 business days (doesn’t count weekends)!

Ordering Information

We accept paypal payments. While making the payment please add your order details

To order, We need a specific amount of information from you!

Originally Posted by – Option 1: Distribution Only
Homepage URL:
1-2 URLs To Target:
1-2 Anchor Texts For URLs:
PayPal Transaction ID:

Originally Posted by – Option 2: Professional Content Creation, Optimization, and Distribution
Homepage URL:
1-3 URLs To Target:
1-3 Anchor Texts For URLs:
Article Subject (Optional):
Keywords To Optimize For (Optional):
PayPal Transaction ID:

Originally Posted by – Option 3: Professional Content Creation, Optimization, and Distribution. INCLUDES Professional Press Release Creation/Distribution!
Homepage URL:
1-6 URLs To Target:
1-6 Anchor Texts For URLs:
Article Subject (Optional):
Keywords To Optimize For (Optional):
PayPal Transaction ID:
-Press Release Information-
Contact Full Name:
Company Name:
Company Street Address:
Company Phone Number:
2 URLs to Target:
2 Anchor Texts to Target:
Press Release Subject(optional):
Email Address:

We begin work when payment is received through PayPal. Thanks, and looking forward to making you another long-term customer!


Q: Looks and sounds great, but what is the percentage of article acceptability with 1000 directories?
A: Acceptance depends on the niche. We do not submit to article directories that do not relate to your niche. If your site is about dogs, we won’t submit it to a directory about boats. Acceptance is quite high as a result. Average is 500 directories per customer, some reaching the 700 mark. (Two backlinks per article means 1,000-1,400 backlinks)

Q: Interested. Are the submissions manual? What press release site do you use for distribution?
A: Yes, directory submissions are semi-manual, meaning we get help in simplifying the process but there is still a human submitting each article to each directory. We use multiple press release sites. We submit to sites such as,,,, Google News, and a couple of others. We are more than happy to submit to any free press release directory you may find

Q: Have any examples of the spinning? Just want to see if its any good because if its junk I would think the article would get disapproved?
A: The articles being spun ARE of great quality, there are no worries there. We have strict quality control procedures, and a high acceptance rate into directories.

Q: Will you provide the exact URLS where my articles WERE PLACED(not just submitted)?
A: We can give you exact URLs where they were placed, but going back and checking to see if each one was submitted would be a waste of time when you can conduct searches through Google just as easy. But to answer your question, no, We do not. You can measure backlinks with Google.

Q: Do you have a proper verification process? For instance, once you submit. How will I know what was approved and what links I really gained? Maybe people offer what you do. Most guys say….OH CHECK GOOGLE FOR THAT, or check your link ranking. But most (some) of us have 100,000 links already and cant simply check links?
A: We understand your predicament. But you CAN use Google Trends in the mix as well to help. Google Sitemaps works great too. We give you a full analysis on which URLs were submitted to, so you’ll know what to expect. Obviously We don’t own the directories so We can’t instantly tell you when they are approved. We have a very high success rate, however, since we only submit to relative niche directories.

Q: What kind of report do you provide?
A: Reports are detailed- we give every directory submitted to, the article titles to look out for, and even provide easy ways to track your keywords and such.

Q: How long is the turnaround on this these days?
A: Around 7 days on average, in which time you will have a full report on where we submitted to, your keyword analysis, and your title analysis.

UPDATE: We are not able to do gambling or adult topics anymore. We had an accident in one submission where a gambling article was placed in the wrong directory, and let’s just say the directory was family oriented and the owner wasn’t too happy. This had led us to change our ethics around, since ultimately we cater to our directories just as much as our SEO clients.


Just got my stats and this service is AWESOME! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to build backlinks. I just hope he does not get too popular that he cannot take care of all my future orders…:-)

Just wanted to let everyone know this is a great service and have submitted many additional orders.

Just thought I would write a review of the service. I placed my order on 23 Oct for package 2. The website to place the order was easy to use and pretty straight forward. The order was completed in a timely manner. The article spinning service is great. The article that was written was good and the submission service is accurate. It’s too early to talk about how this will affect my search engine results but I am certain it will give it a nice push. For the price this service is a good deal. If you are waiting on the sidelines thinking about it, just go for it! You won’t be sorry. The only slightly negative thing I will mention is that the service does not provide 1000+ submissions. The end number depends on your niche and will vary between 500 – 1000. I received 843 to be exact. If you read the original post there is a note about this so it’s a fair game, although the thread subject is a bit misleading.


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